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Different teams had different languages. And tools. And we were divided by geography, and experience, and many other things. People and teams were isolated, and overwhelmed.

We needed something to reach over the divides and reconnect us. Not something that would put us all on the same page, but something that would let us stay on our own pages, and connect with each other just the same.

We’re building Qatalog as our universal language. All teams can speak Qatalog. People too. Qatalog lets everyone learn about each other, and share things they couldn’t before.

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Shyamal Gounder


Shyamal Gounder


Shyamal Gounder


Shyamal Gounder


Shyamal Gounder


Shyamal Gounder

A company with values

Trustworthy | Reliable | Compassionate | Productive | People-first

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are fundamental to our success. We believe the best solutions occur when a plurality of backgrounds, experiences, and identities work together.

Our tenets

Key guiding principles for our day-to-day operations at Qatalog.

Solve for the customer

Think big, take small steps

Keep things simple

Build lego blocks

Smart defaults

Progressive reveal

Causal not consequential


Health, dental, vision, and mental-health insurance

Highly competitive compensation & equity packages

MacBook of your choice and full WFH setup

Remote-friendly, flexible policy

50% off gym membership

Regular online team events

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